How to Learn English Free?

Hi guys, i know that i’m not a native speaker. But i can share my knowledge about English because of I have been in abroad about 7 months to improve my English. I think like a baby when i learn English free. If you want to learn a new language, you need to improve yourself like a baby. You can start that from their culture. Firstly, you need to love the languages. You should change the language where do you use it on phone or laptop etc…

Learn English Free by Apps or Youtube

After these information, i’m gonna tell you about English materials what is my source. i use 3 apps in my phone to improve English. Wakie, English Radio and Hello Talk… Wakie gives you, talking 20 minutes with someone around the world. Also, who made a wrong thing to you, you can report them. English Radio gives you opportunities, listening to radios even if categorize radios as countries, USA UK Canada and Australia etc… So you can improve your pronouncation by that way. HelloTalk records clear your voice. You can improve your speaking skills like that.

I also wanna tell you a few youtube channels to improve your English. I follow 6 channels in youtube. I think, they’re help you: BBC Learning Enlish, VOA Learning English, CNN Student News, National Geographic, TED, Turkey.Home…

If you have a new idea about that, share with us!

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