The Ballad of Canakkale

Hi guys, i wanna share with you my trip to Canakkale, Turkey. The Ballad of Chanakkale (Çanakkale Türküsü) is a Turkish folk song about the Battle of Gallipoli. I also took a movie from there. And i played “ney”, my instrument. I just say quotes to you before lyrics.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
(Albert Einstein)

In Çanakkale stands the Mirror Bazaar.
Mother I set forth against the enemy, oh, my youth, alas!

In Çanakkale there’s a cypress tree.
Some of us are engaged, some of us married, oh, my youth, alas!

In Çanakkale there’s a broken jug.
Mothers and fathers abandoned hope, oh, my youth, alas!

Çanakkale’s heights are shrouded with smoke.
The thirteenth division marched to war, oh, my youth, alas!

In Çanakkale the cannonballs landed.
Ah, our comrades fell wounded together, oh, my youth, alas!

Çanakkale’s bridge is narrow, impassable.
Its waters have become red blood, not a cup can be drunk, oh, my youth, alas.

From Çanakkale I barely escaped
My lungs rotted from vomiting blood, oh, my youth, alas!

From Çanakkale I escaped, my head is safe
Doomsday came before I reached Anafarta, oh my youth, alas

In Çanakkale they shot me.
They buried me before I died, oh, my youth, alas!

In Çanakkale are rows of willows
Brave lions rest beneath them, oh, my youth, alas.

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