Authorship and Contributorship in Scientific Publications

Authorship is identity of a person who has created something. Authors can draw to paper experiences with words. How is authorship and contributorship in scientific publications? Authority is protected by laws in country. If we don’t protect, the pirate enlarge. People use others’ works. And they will imitate and reproduce these works.

If I write an article, my authority will appear on it. Nobody can’t change that. The man has a right to inform its authority. He must use: The name of work (c), Author’s Name, Date of issue. I think copyright and authority are the same things. Copyright is used more as a term. It ensures the security of author’s work. Registration is required to be known as an author.

Authors can create different works. What did you learn in your life, you can share it for people. Authorship is not easy! You can write everything, but you should know what is the authorship’s responsibility. The authorship of piece of writing is the identity who wrote it. Authorship is the activity or work of telling something with articles. For example:

  • “The pen is the tongue of the mind.” (Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra)
  • “The calling of an author is more than just to entertain, but also to share ones experiences with the world.” (M.J. Stoddard)
  • “Don’t be afraid! We won’t make an author of you, while there’s an honest trade to be learnt, or brick-making to turn to.” (Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist)

Authors can know everything, but should write really useful things. In that case, taking note is important. Combine your notes to write an article or a book. If you want to be useful community, you’ll write real events without lie. People think that you’re the voice of them. And people like to read your book or articles.

Eventually, you can realise a group who follow you. If you create a quality group, you’ll be value each day for them. By publishing fine books, you can empower to people who trust you. And you can understand by looking for writers’ position in the country how a powerful community!

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