My Heart Burned With Your Longing

My heart burned with your longing, My heart lightened up and burned out, Once upon a time it flew high above, It is in the flat now… Snowy mountains between us, Your longing is in my bosom, Things I thought that won’t happen happened, My heart died because of your absence… Bloody tears in my 

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The Ballad of Canakkale

Hi guys, i wanna share with you my trip to Canakkale, Turkey. The Ballad of Chanakkale (Çanakkale Türküsü) is a Turkish folk song about the Battle of Gallipoli. I also took a movie from there. And i played “ney”, my instrument. I just say quotes to you before lyrics. Insanity: doing the same thing over 

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How to make a Turkish Coffee?

I told you how to make a Turkish Coffee at home, it’s easy 🙂 Wait about half a minute or so to let the grinds settle to the bottom of your cup. Find a comfortable spot in which to savor your delicious coffee and remember, drink this Turkish treat sip by sip. Enjot it 😉

Eratalay Youtube

Hello world!

I opened this website to share something with you. This is my first post. My goal is that improve myself about science, education, art, music, cinema and cultures. I’ll be share my knowledge with you while learning them.. Please subscribe my youtube channel to follow me, and share it with your friends 🙂