How much freedom should a child have?

Family is a small state. It must be based on powerful supports. The head of the family is its builder. The whole members of a family have own duties and they should do their part with big responsibilities. Irresponsibility can create a lot of problems. For instance bringing up is a woman’s duty in all families and children should obey their parents, respect them and try to justify their expectations. Alright, how much freedom should a child have?

Each parent wants their children to be in good position for their future. That is why they try to avoid them from bad things so they forbid these things. But that sometimes causes the losing of freedom. It depends on parents. Some parents are very pushing and they like to divert their children. How they want and they forbid what they don’t like. It doesn’t matter children feelings.

For example they ban telephone or go out somewhere with their friends. But these prohibitions influence them badly and they will do it without permission. It will create a lot of problems in the future. Therefore parents should solve such problems with mutual respect. If parents don’t want something they should give its reasons and make children sure. Parents shouldn’t interfere the choice of the job or other important choices. Because they can blame their parents then if they face any problems.

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