Writing My First Calligraphy Essay

Turkish Calligraphy

I went to the calligraphy courses about 1 year in Turkey. And i wanted to share my first writing with you.. This is my first essay as calligraphy.

Turkish Calligraphy Art
During the Ottoman period, Turkish Calligraphy Art has the most beautiful days. In the Ottoman times, some Turkish masters who lead the art of calligraphy live. During Ottoman times, the Turks were using the Ottoman language and they are now using Turkish as a language. So there are two kinds of calligraphic notation in Turkey. Hat Art and Turkish Calligraphy.

Hat Art

Hat Art is in Ottoman Language. The Turkish calligraphy is composed of latine words. Only the 6 letters in the cyrillic alphabet (ç, ğ, ı, ö, ş, ü) are different.

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