How Do We Encourage To The Art?

What about art? Art is considered an essential part of all cultures. The history of art is an ancient field among cultures. Music, sculpture, painting and artistry. Creating of this field depends on people’s creative abilities. Some people like art, some people don’t like. You can ask a question. How do we encourage people? I think we must start to art from childhood. Our parents should try that. Some families destroy their children’s talents and desires. They don’t make a situation for their development according to their willing. Because they want them to be as they want. If mother is a doctor she’ll want her child to be a doctor too.

Some parents use their children for realizing their past desires. For example: Father wanted to be a lawyer, but he couldn’t… Because of he wants his son to be a lawyer. But if we look over the children, we observe that the same children wants to be a musician or an artist. That means parents must help their children about art. If they help them for improvement, they will succeed in art. They must also provide them creative materials for their creativity. Parents must take their children to the museums or theatres. Children growing up like it will have interest for art even if they don’t have any special skills.

I want to talk about older people. It is difficult impressing to them. I think their willing for art depends on their environment. Televisions and different websites must try for that. They must publish articles about, various broadcasts must be demonstrated relating to it. We can make different projects about it. We make an questionnaire among people. We arrange events according to their opinions. The last result is that it must depend on you. Think about what you have done to encourage people.

Art is something that makes us more thoughtful and well-rounded humans. Art gives us a way to be creative and express ourselves. Imagine just for a minute a world without art! You understand the art is an element of community as oxygen, hydrogen etc… So the art builds civilisation and culture. And art is an act of expressing feelings thoughts and observations. Artwork sometimes can tell us a lot of things whatever the artist intends it.

What can we do for encouragement?

We can augment art lessons in the school. We can open to free courses. We can arrange exhibition spaces in the city centre. We can everyday make news or documentary about art. We can get gifts for artists. We can tell folk about important of art.

If you think to interest an art, you should love it. You should be patient until finish to get an artwork. You should accept criticism to improve yourself when somebody told you a mistake. Critics definitely remind you something!

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