What is Technology Addiction?

Nowdays technology has improved much. Technical scientists are engaged in this side developing and prospering. Technological tools of different fields were enhanced: communication, transport, daily using things and etc. Everybody uses various technological instruments. Technology has positive and negative features. We can talk about best features of technology very much. Technology facilitates people’s difficulty and save their time. Example: we use a subway, different types of machines, telephone, television, refrigerator and etc…

Technology has negative features which is harmful for us. It makes weaker people’s activation which causes different illness. The ray of technology is very dangerous for our life. It prostrates our mood and weakens function of our eyes. Example we use telephones, computers. As well technology makes addiction. The man may utilize different technological tools but it must be in a normal limit. Hight of limit makes addiction.

Nowdays most of the young are telephone addicted. They use very much, while sleeping the telephone sleeps with us too. I am like as them. Doctors prohibite the use of telephones while sleeping. They don’t terminate use of them. Even if we are so lazy that we realize our daily work by means of technology. It makes stagnation. Infinity will approach our death. If we use technology normally it will be very useful. We should determine methods of solution. We must find different hobbies ourselves. If I have little time I can’t use telephones. That is why free people use much more than busy people. If every man defines solutions for his problem, technology addiction can be eliminated.

Technology addiction is a serious problem the inability to control use of various kinds of technology, particularly in internet, smartphones, tablets, social media websites etc… Firstly i want to explain useful sides for technology. Because if we know technology is goals, we can control it. Technology is an art by human-made. For example computers. A lot of companies are working with them. Another example robots. Almost people use them in the kitchen. Also i have a website. I like to help people. And i can earn money by it. They can enjoy social networking sites. They don’t know website how does it create. So they become addiction for them. Don’t take it wrong.

I said that people can’t control it. We can find our friends. But we need to control ourselves. Also we can realise to meet face to face in outside. We can search a new topic by internet. Finally if i discovered myself, i don’t be slave for technology addiction. And i can discover all of technologies after that. And they can’t change to me!

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