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We usually feel and see the value of such customs and traditions. If you have a good custom, you’ll feel power and see advantage in yourself. Shortly, we have to know about culture. But we sometimes confuse with culture and tradition specially in religion. So we should describe them. And we can carry on it, if we have any good custom. If you decided to open mind, you should start to discover yourself.

Customs or traditions are made us by it. But we need to sever from bad things. we can’t complete everything if start to draw at the beginning of life. So we should keep useful things before us. Even we can share them around us as family.

All of knowledge are read and learn during all of life!

I believe holly books to imbedded in history. If we look for real books, we see that been objective. Because of these kind of books write about general information. When people didn’t like something, they started change it. And we didn’t save to real books.

Long time past over that. And books converted customs and traditions. We didn’t research about real information. Some people kept to customs. Some people thought to influence customs for daily life. And we started writing books about this issue.

Why we take example everybody even if there are lots of idol in history. For example; we can find a lot of idol around Professors. I see you look for an answer that is problem. Let me explain it. The problem is in ourselves. Start reading book about discovering yourself as self-help books. Go to the oldest as you can go history. Good luck!

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