Bartin Tour when i’m in master exams

I did master’s exams in Bartin University, Turkey. I’m a student for business as second master career. I took a few pictures around the city center of Bartin. I wish enjoy it!

About Bartın

Bartın is a city in northern Turkey and the central district of the province of Bartın. 80 kilometers east of Zonguldak is Bartin province on the Black Sea coast of Turkey, the calm city of timbered houses. The city hosts strawberry festivals in spring. The city also has beaches of good quality.

The historic progress of Bartin continues with the dominance of Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire and later with the dominance of Turkish Seljuks and Candarogullari State between 11th – 13th centuries AD. Bartin was conquered by the Ottoman sultan Yildirim Bayazit in 1392.

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