Charity Is Not Only Money! What Is Charity?

Charity is a kind of help for people, particularly for poor people. Even smiling is a charity ­čÖé┬áCharity is not only money! I want to tell you about pecuniary charity.

Firstly I would like to start about socialism. How can we say that the country is progression. Let me explain. There are 3 parts in the community. First part is poor people, second part is medium-sized people and last part is elite people. If part of medium-sized people is larger than other parts, we can say that the country is improved. Another opinion, if there are a big difference between elites and poors, we can say then, there is capitalism in this country.

How can we change this situation? If intellectual people help to third part, they will be increased medium-sized people. And I think, the real socialism is that. Because poor people will be medium-sized with helping by elite people. If we think that in religion, it’s a charity.

When folks didn’t do that, however will be problem in the community, particularly uneducated people. We can say that the charity is very important for people. There are a lot of Civil Society Organizations in Turkey. We can help people by them. If you don’t have any opportunity to help, you can be positive and smile them ­čśë

Charity is not only money!

Some states determine to be a social state in the constitution and the other laws. The state gives a hand them when people are lower conditions.┬áState of Azerbaijan’s aim is to ensure citizens’ human rights and liberty. Although the state helps there are many people whom they have charity. I like to give an explanation widely about charity. Charity isn’t only money, charity is a thing that it’s given if you don’t have.

I can shortly say it ‘the help’. Charity is realized pecuniary and spiritual help. Pecuniary help is put into life by means of money. You can give somebody any food, in fact you give money. Spiritual help covers up to give love, care, attention about people need it. If people are in need of something we must give it. It must be our human duty. There are a lot of charitable people and special organizations who help the poor. Organizations are formed by the money of people or membership fees. I have been the houses of the children and the old. They are given food and the other important tools. They specially need care, love.

The children who are deprived by parents’ protection grow up far from their families. They get accustomed that life condition. Some people are careless and nonchalant. They don’t care anybody and thinks themselves. So they don’t help anybody, but some people are careful and help people. Some people meet liar people who seems as the poor, but they deceive people. So the same people don’t believe and help any more. At last I’d like to note, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow that is why we should help the poor. Being cause of someone’s gladnees is happiness for me.

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