Women and Politics

Traditionally, women’s history was written by men, and this is justified or based on physiology and physical strength of women, taking for granted the fact that women’s fate is determined by gender, from biological building. The woman is born to be a mother and to take care of her family. They were labeled as powerless to do any work exceeding the private sphere, so politics were just a job of men and women couldn’t understand it. While various studies and the actual experience has shown that a woman isn’t less capable or less intelligent than a man.

We came in this world equal. Nobody has proven that men are more capable than women. Women need to be represented in politics and governments. And nowadays their roles is increased more and more day after day. They are now increasingly being politically elected to be head of state and government. They’ve done good.

Women and Politics

Think that women can’t handle to rule a country, let me remind you that one of powerful contries, Germany, is ruled by a woman, Angela Merkel. She is the head of this country from 22 November 2005. She is still in that position and we all know what does it means. People like her because of she does her job in a nice way.

Well, lets go back in history. Democracy was born in ancient Grece, Athens. Women didn’t have any political rights there. And that kept happening for years. The first European country to introduce women’s suffrage was the Grand Duchy of Finland, then part of the Russian Empire. Women were trampeled. They were treated like were worthless. Maybe even women believed this from being treated like that. But how can a political system be a democratic for one, if men and women aren’t represented the same way in parliament?!

Even if women are being elected in parliament, they don’t always treated as men in politics atmospher. They are still being discramineted. Some men in politics still hear to women’s opinion and say. “Oh, let go of what she knows about nothing politics”. Countries have been doing some works to change it’s the number of women in parliaments. Like changing Legislation or Quotas. Quotas are mechanisms by which governments seek to increase the number of women represented in the governing body. Gender quotas for the election of legislators have been used since the late 1970’s by a few political parties. Quotas for women entrepreneurship is a must for a certain number or percentage of members of the body, whether it is a candidate list, a parliamentary assembly, a committee or a government.

Today, quota systems aim at ensuring that women constitute a large minority of 20, 30 or 40%, and even to ensure true gender balance of 50-50%. In some countries quotas are applied as a temporary measure, that is to say, until the barriers for women’s entry into politics are removed. But most countries with quotas have not limited their use of quotas in time.

However I think that one of the most important factories that affect women`s represantation in politics are the political culture of a country. You can change legislation of a country but its hard to change their culture. That will take time.

Finally, I just wanna say, if you believe in a democracy, if you believe democracy is the best political system, so you should know that Something will be wrong about that, if women are not represented in politics. Let’s fix it!

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